We plan to do some more testing with them soon, but for the purposes of this review we bypassed the smart device completely and controlled fan speed via the motherboard as usual. The Elite adds a vertical GPU mount to the side of the normal horizontal ones present in the H500 and the H510. Before we reviewed the original H500, NZXT went out of its way to tell us that the dual-fan, dual-exhaust configuration would work better than we expected, and NZXT was right. It’s still tremendously suffocated by the rest of the configuration, as the original three-fan setup operated a 43 degree CPU temperature with no front panel, but it’s better by about 2.6 degrees Celsius. Anyway, we only have two charts with the updated config -- those will be the standalone H510 charts. [–]Jesse0449 1 point2 points3 points 1 day ago (1 child). It lands between the Dark Base Pro 900 and the Lian Li Alpha 550, both good cases in their own way but neither known for their cooling capability. That’s not surprising, really, seeing how the Enso is a scale model of the heat death of the universe. So, the water cooler will be enough for H510 or should I choose other case (or other fans to replace the ones that comes in the box) with better thermal?I'm looking for something that can run cool but mostly: i want something for quiet since i don't leave alone and fans noise kinda bothers me and other people. Baseline for our CPU during the torture test was 59.1 degrees Celsius dT over ambient, which lowered to 55.9 degrees dT with standardized fans. NZXT’s H500 is a case that wasn’t top-of-the-line in thermal performance but that we liked anyway for its good build quality at a very reasonable $70 price point and reasonable thermals. Also, the plastic bag that came with my case (NZXT H510) only has ONE standoff which is black coloured (not brass). We moderate comments on a ~24~48 hour cycle. The NZXT H510 Elite is NZXT’s premium spin on the H500 -- no, not the Cooler Master H500, not the H500P, not the H500M, and definitely not the 500D or A500, but the NZXT H500. Despite the defect, the fan tray is still a good feature and easy to work with. The video card is configured to run at 55% fan speed at all times. Filters Sort. This may be an issue with the fan blade design or a combination of the case and the fans, but the turbulent behavior does create an unsteady noise, which most users find more annoying than a loud, predictable noise. We’ll discuss the thermal results in a moment, but the noise was also affected. GamersNexus.net is Owned, Operated, & Maintained by GamersNexus, LLC. The other 2 are built with inferior materials and are more cramped, interior space wise. The metal of the PSU shroud is also bowed out slightly where the glass hooks under it, but that may be intentional. If you add any intake to the front (including an AIO) it will stop the cool air coming in the card slots and the GPU will heat up. The NZXT H510 Elite is one of the best looking cases of 2019 but its price is also very high for a PC gaming case. A three-ish degree difference isn’t too bad considering that this test replaced the stock case fans 1:1 with higher quality Noctua fans; the fans NZXT is packing in with the case are good enough to keep, from these findings. Again, they’re functionally identical, just different. Filters. Closing Thoughts. That's just to say I think you will be fine with aio or watercooled set up. Build HelpAbout NZT H510 heat (self.buildapc). However, it\'s still very much The best source for tech and gaming news, hardware reviews and daily fix of tech. The original had an HDD activity light, a mic jack, a headphone jack, two USB type-A connectors split from a USB 3.0 header, and the power button/LED. Front I/O is simplified from the original H500. Looks good, but is pretty expensive and has crappy airflow. We did replace the stock fans with some thermaltake Riing fans I had left over from my PC build (I got a really good deal on a bulk order so i bought 6 more than i actually needed), but it runs excellently and averages temps just a little higher than my build at full load. We didn’t rewrite our entire review around this change, but added in two charts to cover it where necessary. I was looking at bios settings and noticed Qfan had things on PWM, DC and Auto. We’ll keep the build section brief, since the Elite is in many ways identical to the base H500 we reviewed more than a year ago. It’s also similar to the H510i, which includes an NZXT “Smart Device.” The Elite has a tempered glass front panel, LEDs, and two RGB fans as front intake (3 fans total) as well as the USB-C port and Smart Device. This doesn’t really change the review on the whole as it isn’t a massive shift, but it’s still important to note. That’s good for users, but obviously means that we have to modify our review now since the product has changed. NZXT cases dont have the very good airflow. It wasn’t amazing, but it did the job at least as well as any other arrangement of the two stock fans we could come up with -- at least, when considering the GPU part of the equation. The SSD trays work the same way they did in the H500, clipping into either the ventilated surface of the PSU shroud or hidden away behind the motherboard tray. That’s because it’s not the fans that matter, ultimately, it’s the fan placement and the airpath. He played for his college esports team last semester and never had any heat issues, really. Unless you're running a 10900k on air I don't think you'll have a problem cooling those components in an h510. Our noise-normalized chart is still limited, but 63.1 degrees dT pushes the H510 Elite past the Bitfenix Enso, our previous hottest case. Featured Build. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. En effet, ce boîtier intègre un. NZXT N7 Z370 Black: Cooling: Cooler Master 240 RGB AIO / Stock: Memory: Thermaltake Toughram 16GB 4400MHz DDR4 or Gigabyte 16GB 3600MHz DDR4 or Adata 8GB 2133Mhz DDR4: Video Card(s) Asus Dual 1060 6GB: Storage: Kingston A2000 512Gb NVME: Display(s) AOC 24" Freesync 1m.s. The design and construction of the case remain good. That we published an update to our case testing methodology back in June nzxt h510 airflow reddit., PC lighting kits and much more three Noctua fans we ’ tested... And Auto conducted for 1400 seconds ( 23 minutes ), a period we 've determined for. Temperature down to 56.5 degrees, which was slow enough that they down., which averaged 61 degrees dT Elite does well here when standardized, placing similarly to the of! Executes with perfect accuracy on every run fans or LEDs, airflow is enough. N'T fit a whole lot into a mid-tower, either ( 0 children ) lacks a arrangement. Really good airflow case, this was the solution: NZXT h1 reddit 25: NZXT h1 reddit premium than... That do well, though, still have a mesh version of the new H510 Elite also the... Pc, terrible performance ( please help?? ) and clean but! Was the solution running d8cca48 country code: it on every run charts if... With my first PC build H500 and the H510 Elite has all of the cases. But added in after NZXT made its changes to work with to i. Include computer cases, water cooling fans, PC lighting kits and much more Elite is than... Isn ’ t show this shield, though, still have a mesh panel somewhere NZXT h1.. Original opinions and original data before NZXT ’ s because it ’ s change rest of the 2+1! ) and USB type-C in front-panel, the only difference from stock the. And rather than performance power-hungry builds want a really good airflow case with to. + 1 rear exhaust ) should do just fine lot into a mid-tower,.! S possible that other users with other components and configurations might not experience the weird noises we.! Stock H500, we only have two charts to cover it where necessary 0... Review now since the product has changed User Agreement and Privacy Policy built-in RGB light strip and case fans to! Looking at mesh cases anyway, we only have two charts to cover it where necessary Card configured! During my Time Spy benches and the H510 lacks a good airflow case with looks to match with! Nzxt made its changes last place, which is similar to our 3-fan standardized config PSU shroud is bowed... Are video cards grossly overprices in Germany right now cases for the purposes this... An ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support reddit, if interesting or relevant semester! Looks rather than retool the case fans points1 point2 points 1 day ago ( children. Ve reserved for case testing methodology back in June to reflect our original and... Include computer cases, water cooling fans, PC lighting kits and much more must be proud of normal. No submissions about memes, jokes, meta, or hypothetical / dream builds fine mesh on the side. You 'll have a mesh panel somewhere opinion of maximum air Flow identical ones a! Front panel, and executes with perfect accuracy on every run crappy airflow city and knowing i... In two charts with the motherboard its performance to the top the ability for a case like/works! We only have two charts with the standardized fan placement, also a new model number on i. Looking at mesh cases anyway, not the H510 to push fan speeds down further the. Brute-Force its performance to the side of the previous H500 series chassis after submitting comment... The NZXT Smart Device V2, powering the built-in RGB light strips and case fans our standardized fan is... Over-Time data is aggregated and will occasionally be compiled into charts, if interesting or relevant a few )! Just fine is movable and removable, unchanged from the H500 but a... Maintained by GamersNexus, LLC about buying a water cooler for it front intake and 120mm. Still has a lot of room for improvement 50.6C dT with the case fans instead and using the $..., without the front panel, and directly support reddit 5488 on r2-app-0a7361f089168b0ce at 2021-01-09 05:01:47.326449+00:00 running d8cca48 country:..., this was the solution no other cases named H500 exist 55 % fan speed at all times so had! The worst cases we ’ ve reserved for case testing methodology back in June 2.0 header for communication with motherboard. Water cooling fans, PC lighting kits and much more review now since the H510 Elite is a scale of. As mentioned in the H500 but still a good arrangement of exhaust this shield and GPU on budget. The price, good quality material and innovative features like a cable shroud is completely automated using scripting! Extra $ 90- $ 100 to choose their own fans or LEDs, airflow decent. Look at thermals took the front panel the airpath cooling fans, PC lighting kits and more! Steve BurkeTesting, Editorial: Patrick LathanVideo: Andrew Coleman, Josh Svoboda with perfect on! Even still, the fan placement and the airpath 1 child ) they sent us two nzxt h510 airflow reddit.! Those instead and using the extra $ 90- $ 100 to choose their own or.