In my opinion, it's an amazing kdrama with a beautifully executed storyline. Sometimes I even laughed a bit in serious scenes because of her hair. hotarumaruchii Feb 01 2020 10:45 pm Such a disrespect to his father and he tells him he doesnt want to be filled with hate anymore. Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰; Itaewon Keullasseu) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Yoo Jae Myung and Nara. This drama getting predictable though, imo that mafia guy doesn't know who jang geun woon would attack, but after jang geun soo shout his name, then it will be him that brought saeroyi to hospital. Acting overall is not bad. I couldn’t find the full translated version of the webtoon just found the beginning. see at first I really wanted sooah to be the main lead but after her betrayal... f her lmaoo. The writer should have thought of this well. Ratcha Mar 14 2020 7:40 pm All actors and actresses here are really good. I hated Soo Ah's character until the end, Regine May 16 2020 3:51 am loadbox(1); Above all, the drama is inspiring. Now, onto the shipping part. This is all about hardships in life on how to achieve your goal though it's root is about revenge. Chairman of Jang Ga — great acting!! I got so amazed while watching both the transgender and market investment parts. I think he will be the one who takes down Janga. Saeroyi likes Yiseo as a little sister, and she is a spoiled brat. A few disappointment in this drama; SPOILERS! I cant wait anymore, Joe Dec 25 2019 5:15 pm Chrolo Mar 15 2020 8:35 am It would be better honestly if neither ended with him. I love love love it. None of the times he refused to kneel were at the extent of someone else’s life. Maya Medina Feb 16 2020 4:04 pm Why it has ended already. Love the drama, all actors and actresses are good at their actions and characters. The main actor always a bad boy who bullies the main actress ? The plot is actually great but the production is like it was on a tight budget !! He saw Yiseo as a dongsaeng/ sister and didnt consister her as love interest. and the way he talk to everyone is not cool too. I love them. And wait !! The list of authors can be seen in the page history. DC Mar 21 2020 7:30 pm Directing is great, and itself the story and the way characters deal with problems is very inspiring. Kendra Hosea Mar 19 2020 2:40 am But remember from the beginning saeroyi always confess his feeling to her. Thrilled and full of excitement. Da​ nin Mar 27 2020 12:20 pm What I like is the substance of his story. Her need to always satisfy Saeroyi is honestly so sad. And all of the characters are so interesting, excluding the villain. Just wish certain things were done differently. Baekyeolie Jul 18 2019 1:08 pm There's no ep 16 un Netflix! I am not biased by previous works from PSJ (didn’t watch). If you're not fighting to get her on your show or movie then what the heck is wrong with you? It's obvious af that he's not like his father, yet the writers don't give his character any development whatsoever. Maybe you will hate it or love it like bozoli fairly said. I didn't follow the manhwa, but the story is good, I enjoy every episode, but again, unlike Park Seo Joo's other drama (fight for my way), I don't think I would rewatch this drama. Now it's time to say goodbye to IC ? BTW he only trusted his blood to run the company (geun won sucks but he is still my child I guess (he said multiple times) and geun soo is next bc he is my child too). People who don't like or think there's chemistry between Park Seo-Joon and Kim Da-mi were obviously rooting Kwon Na-ra's character. I'm planing to watch again ❤️. I had hope cause the lead guy said he will stand up for his principles ... what a let down.. Everyone played good, but the romance really was sh.t, Kdrama addict Aug 07 2020 1:00 pm Still at ep. pathetic, Juni Mar 19 2020 3:05 am I couldn't identify romantic chemistry between sae ro-yi and yi-seo (Unfortunately I didn't like her character at all,Too much spoiled and childish), they look more like a brother and a little sister to me. also about the love line. Especially Hyunyi's bangs. Park seroyi- his will and determination to not to be defined my his past or others “ That was my opinion”. saeroyi and yi seo just doesnt match at all, Nayeong kim Mar 18 2020 5:13 am But the writing is crap, doesn’t flow at all. majimagi Apr 11 2020 2:03 pm This time it was. Why? (but I will rewatch it again ?). sera Feb 10 2020 9:56 pm 2. It makes me curious and want more. Character arcs were amazing ✓, Rere Feb 22 2020 12:16 am LALA Mar 13 2020 5:16 pm It’s true that stand for jangga is her job. It has squid, baby octopus, and a bunch of other seafood? I think he went Janga Co. To destroy Jangga. “Itaewon Class” Second Half Was VERY Disappointing And Not As Well Written As... Netizens express disappointment over the finale of 'Itaewon Class', Itaewon Class: Netflix’s delightful underdog revenge drama. Amazing amazing and Amazing! If you want to watch romance, it is not this kind of the drama, this drama about the revenge with positive way. Thumbs Up!. @Drew is my ship sailing or nah? For all the sacrifices she’s done and worked hard, for every time anyone thought she was being used, he kneeled just for her! the only thing i like this movie is Soo Ah❤️. It takes a while to understand the characters, so I understand why so many people are frustrated. GreatKdramas Mar 22 2020 2:10 am What's amazing about the writing of his character was, it's real. This drama should have just stuck to the come up story for Saeroyi as he outgrew his first love Soo Ah and gently let down Yi Seo. K-lover Feb 01 2020 5:49 pm edinho Mar 07 2020 11:15 am nadia Dec 26 2019 10:04 am W4GRB.average_rating[1]=83; A certain mr. Park represents them. (Just before, I tried ~5 dramas and gave up around the 1st ep. At this time every episode was already up! The problem is that some don't think that people like her exist in real life. Rayan Jun 12 2020 12:43 pm But here we are, in the end of the story. Yi Seo is the only interesting character. She's one of the most interesting female leads in k-dramas I've watched (and I've watched a lot, trust me). One of the best K-dramas I've watched. I was watching the show, watching his character, and thought I no longer see Seo Joon - I only see Saeroyi. Itaewon Class (2020) Complete. This drama took me by surprise. After watching the lates episode (8) the stories is more intense to the lead (Sae Royi dan Jang Dae Hee) but i think Yiseo is more like little sister to him.. and I feel like he still like soo ah or nobody. @Ash, yes, it has romance in it, but mostly revenge and slice-of-life. Sad thing though, the kisses came up waaay to late in the last episode. Episodes 2 & 3 kept me interested, but it was Episode 4 that nailed it for me. Anyway, it's a very interesting show. it means, the story is good and thrilling. A big thank you to the entire cast and crew of Itaewon Class!! Of. ChroloWA Mar 01 2020 4:44 am PSJ, IU and Kim Dami. After watching the series....i would sincerely say (just a short one here! Bravo! Don't get how people suddenly forget all the things yi seo has done for saeroyi just because soo ah did 1 thing in the whole serie. It’s going to be so hard to watch other dramas….I’ll probably think of this drama for a long time…. And i love Hae Yean's courage at the end. Now I understand. It was refreshing. Tony disappeared almost from the show. I like it We’ve all seen this kind of story before. DP Aug 09 2020 11:51 am Soo-A’s hair and dressing is really bad! Aren't they bored of that kind of plot ? rach Feb 09 2020 12:55 am Especially one that he cares a lot for. She is such a coward and selfish. The basic plot is fine, but the execution was just horrible. I usually watch drama based on their rating and 1st episode as trailer, so did I do with this drama, saw it's rating below 10%, 1st thought( whatever the rating, I'm gonna watch till the end). I hope Kim Da Mi is a lead one here. I really love Jo Yiseo!! Strong story line. hrg Mar 22 2020 4:26 pm KC Nov 01 2020 1:45 am He just made the woman he likes take responsibility to their vague relationship by saying she can put their relationship anything that suits her. I didn't understand what was the role of that female who got a crush on Sae yo ri during middle school for 3 years. I'm also fan with the happy ending where the only kissing scenes are centered. Afterall, there's no such thing as perfect drama. How can she is so selfish?? He's probably going to be a worse CEO in the future. because it focused on cheesy stupid drama.. You Mar 21 2020 1:40 am I watched the 1st2 episodes of Itaewon Ckass... i was impressed with Park Seo Jun’s acting.... congratulatios PSJJob well done, why always second male/female lead syndrome Feb 02 2020 3:34 pm I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds in the next couple of episodes. It was interesting to see Geun-Soo go from a side character to an important antagonist, he's a mirror version of how the Chairman was when he was younger. I wanna watch dramas, Nana Oct 12 2020 12:19 am The show has begun with a great premise but it ended just like that. These two don’t go well together. Jang geun won- a villan, a victim who again chose to be the villian i wish Sooah and handsome chef will have more scene togetherㅠㅠ they look so adorable togetherrr ahh. although it is not focused on romance but still good..... Sai Sep 14 2020 5:04 am Like those tapping fingers is such a gimmick, asking other people to kneel too, is a little bs. I dropped this series in ep5...The start was really good then I hated the 2 female leads..sorry PSJ ;(. It is a heartful drama. Which part of her personality is annoying? I personally give this drama a solid 3.5/5 stars. They both really only have each other. i’m not being biased to park seojun. and geun soo should be the one who help danbam, inside jangga, but i see he become getting more and more reason to defeat them, this is so wrong. The characters had multiple times to redeem themselves (Geun-Soo especially!!) Yes, while the protagonist is already expected to be the person that comes out on top, Itaewon Class writers wrote interesting array of relationships between him and different characters, which becomes reflective of his personality, and developed shifting motives and feelings for expanding jangga and keeping yi seo around. That's one thing really amazing about this drama. I love first look on main lead when she talking with psychology, Ok bro Feb 07 2020 11:50 pm he would prolly still wear a bear costume in the street. Tooo Good! And sigh Park SeoJoon...I dont care if I'm 6 years older then him, he still gives me butterflies :) 5☆ to the whole IC cast and crew x, steph Mar 24 2020 4:00 pm - geun won - 8/10 - character's personality is determined by dae hee's actions, easily manipulated for dae hees own gain, but kind of falls flat b/c we don't see him do actions according to his own free will which would've been much more interesting, Joy Apr 01 2020 3:41 am Bonus point is it's great ost .. especially sweet night by V hits home❤️ guy .. they gave proper ending to each character and relationship Monica Feb 11 2020 6:20 pm They should not be given the chance to live. KleyKley Mar 21 2020 2:55 am Jmk Mar 29 2020 11:54 am Beautiful,Inspiring and Realistic Korean Drama. !❤️❤️, Mosh Mar 17 2020 11:55 pm High school drama 'Cheer Up' is a beautifully relatable story of youthful defiance against a corrupt academic system "Cheer Up" is available to watch on Viki. Sakura Jan 02 2020 8:23 pm Yi seo's character is so different from any other female lead in kdrama and i loved it. Dis drama is so lit, i love it so much! Grasya Mar 15 2020 5:17 pm Oh no, don't tell me that I was the only one who wanted Yi Seo and Geun Soo to end up together? Note soo ah is a very selfish character, she wants janggaco Nd Ready made Royi. They are kind of unnaturally evil imho. Hope this gets a high rating! I was just holding on for that one character (Yi-Seo) as it was refreshing see a pragmatist in a female lead. ah i think my life is just like Jo Yi-Seo but I have no courage to stick to anyone. Came for Park Seo Joon but ended to Kim Da Mi. And also, it's very interesting that the revenge that Saeroyi planned through involved trading market investment. Language: Korean: Based on the webtoon of the same name by Kwang Jin. All rights reserved. Despite too much pathos in some scenes, the drama felt very strong, and the problems of reaching success, revenge, pride and all was very interesting to explore. I watch mainly dramas because they are better written and more satisfying to watch. Lol. Hopefully, this drama will shine more since I think they have a good rating for their first week. Yasmine Mar 20 2020 9:25 pm Dudu Dec 30 2019 9:15 am He's soooooo talented. She likes SYR but doesnt want to commit a serious relationship with him because she know he will like her forever....But that’s when the game change because of main lead female.....although she comes off as rude and cold hearted which is something you always see in male lead dramas, She has a warm heart...and i think sae yo ri is going to slowly fall for her... justurbitj Feb 09 2020 11:37 am Duck May 12 2020 11:48 am This drama has lots of lesson. I love all the casts. At the first, I think Ahn Sol Bin is the lead Actress..I got excited to watch it... Stechira Feb 01 2020 6:44 pm nano Mar 12 2020 9:52 pm I was particularly impressed that Ma Hyun-yi, one of Kwang’s characters was transgender and that Kwang allows her to shine brightly in the sun. i lovvvvvvve seojoon ...but this drama is not good.. the writer seems read the first page of the mental illness manual no he\she read the first lines only... then they tried to write a revenge plot twist with so mad aiming... i give it 5/10 the only good thing is only seojoon (because i love him no matter what), han Jan 10 2021 2:16 pm Storyline: Of all the Revenge Dramas that i have watched. B*tch the moment she call police just to disturb SaeRoYi business I hate her. Can't wait for the next episode. The plot became unrealistic, smelly, and sometimes even boring. The classic evil rich guy makes life a living hell for main characters again and again. October 10, 2020 @angela chase OMG SO TRUE!! You bring the best of everybody. spoilers ahead* Episode 13 was so amazing, not one second was wasted. I think it would be much more doable if the rival is just a fellow successful pub or restaurant instead. Of course it has to be dramatic to attract the viewers. JRT Mar 29 2020 12:34 pm And you guys are saying how it’s unrealistic that all these years he never kneeled in front of Jangga CEO all these years but then does it for love. Saeroyi loves her but he didin't get that emotional support from her. James T Mar 21 2020 8:41 pm And 2 topics that would interest me: death and injustice. This is not a typical Korean romantic drama, this is about Park Saeroi vs. Jang Dae Hee. Best decision ever! Yi Seo can easily throw away her bright future because she never knew what it’s like to have nothing, unlike Soo Ah who needs to work her ass off just to get where she is because in the first place she never knew she could have a future. Overall, this drama is a very good drama, and in my opinion, people need to stop hating on it just because they're used to dull-minded drama that does not require any thinking or looking at the character's depth. Fayesha Mar 07 2020 10:48 am Then Soo Ah to Geun Won and Yi Seo to Geun Soo. episode 12 will be the most hard episode to watch, even just a glimpse of the trailer. Flawed and so human!!! guys chill. But all of the actors are amazing too. Brought park bo gum in to fix the ending but that's not enough and the main chick was terrible throughout - a guy comes and saves you but you leave him for dead and also later on you give him the cold shoulder. And the romance ? Saeroyi was a worthy opponent and it was a hollow victory created by dire circumstances. I dropped this drama in ep2 because my hatred for the 2 female leads overpowered my love for PSJ :---(. I don't normally re-watch shows but I might make an exception for this one. Loved this drama! the romance doesn't make sense. Lovestruck in the City (2020) On-going Episode 13 2 days ago. I'm a rock. Da hell, it even only starts at the last 10 minutes, because love played a big role in characters life, but not romance itself. I absolutely loved it. “Itaewon Class” Second Half Was VERY Disappointing And Not As Well Written As... Some might say it's because she was young etc but no.. She was just pure self centered, selfish and egoistic.. A true sociopath.. My best drama for 2020❤. Can't wait for the next episode. So perhaps have your own opinion, (I think if it’s in the romance department and we’re looking for something light and a cute romance, it won’t be satisfying. The author wanted to project that Yi-seo's character, will not stop to get what she wants, and some people are like this in real life too. I want also to see the transformation of Jo Yi-Seo from childish act to lady act and suit. Happy Viewer Feb 08 2020 8:35 pm Every actor was great especially the leads, Kim Da Mi was impressive showing her character growth from self involved and lacking empathy to caring about friends and showing a softer side. He ego and put revenge at first place. They have something in common but as lovers, they're totally not there yet. You Mar 13 2020 10:45 am I could see this story having a heavy 'based on fact' vibe. She can be comedian when you look her eyes its like indicating and revealing something. People like Jang Dae-Hee are devil incarnate. I agree with the comment below that says "only characterizing yiseo's character as mean just comes off as shallow". Sooah deserves so much better. 1000/10. The. They don't even share overall theme. I love the casts. Ahh I started this drama because of Kim Taehyung and I really liked it. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; 1) why there is too much lipstick on the male actors? .So, I advice people to watch this drama. We need more dramas like this!!! He literally tried to slap the feelings out of geun won so geun won can develop the same personality fit to run the company (evident from chicken scene). Thanks in advance and I apologize for not commentimg about the actual drama ??? Toni is not in the picture at all. One wait for you achieve your dream while doing nothing,at same time she full life by herself. sephoraaa Mar 07 2020 1:00 am Anyone here knows the title and writer of poem at the end of ep 12. Yes, I know it's because she's a "psychopath". hate that saeroyi forget his promise to soo ah Once in a while in these dramas there is an exceptional scene which makes me just go Wow! Bravo. Soo-A’s hair and dressing is really bad! I'm hurt. At some point, i hope that Geun-Won will give up everything literally just for Soo-Ah wkwkkwk.. Daniel's Bunny Feb 16 2020 4:36 am I think this drama potrays people's imperfections well. Kwang Jin has done an exceptional job. Xiuzilla Mar 26 2020 1:33 pm Stopped at ep 6, I think I ever watched similar story, an old KDrama, where the boy and the girl parted, meet again in the future but the girl become the villain. Sorry. Vica Feb 08 2020 8:58 pm I love this drama and you should make itaewon class season 2 ?? First episode was great, thought I was going to enjoy a nice, inoffensive love plot featuring two people from rival businesses. Saeroyi is an epitome of an idealist with unbending conviction yet lacking in some ways while yi seo is that unique, very-capable and bitchy realist who filled what's lacking with saeroyi. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first time a k-drama use this plot, right? Royi might be the best man when it comes on protecting the people that he cares about, he’s an awesome character to root for but when it comes to love, he definitely sucks. Also i'm not buying the whole star crossed lovers thing between Soo Ah and Saeroyi...its written like Soo Ah won't be able to live without Jangga. Why the Director or Producer pick her for this role. He should lead her not follow her. This series is just nice to me.. The writers and the director(s) and the actors have done a great job so far!! Personally I think he should fire his Agency/Agent. I mean that's it? .handsome and manly indeed. IDK what the director was thinking by casting the actress in that role. for those who haven't watched it. just for that meh. I want to make a love with Oh Soo ah and Park Sae ro Yi and should be together at the end ..And I hope there will be some romantic sence but i really really really hate it ..i don't feel good ? PSJ would definitely attracts to her. You see, episode 15 is actually pretty nice especially the scenes about Saeroyi's dad. The story shows that no matter your social status you can make your dreams come true! I have to disagree about Sooah heroic thing. what kind of person chooses to work with the people who killed her father figure in cold blood and make the life of the man she loves a living hell??? Lee ju yeooong looking forward for that hair? Broreale Mar 18 2020 6:07 pm Omg cant wait for Kim Da Mi to show up, love that she’s a bad ass. I think she only care about herself and future. And bad guy kneeled at the end but it wasn't for revenge I'm just a businessman let's have capitalism be the main reason for every decision we make not the love we have for our family. The actors are all good. The only thing she did for Saeroyi was asking him to not kill Geunwon. There's a maturity for Saeroyi's side already. Why are men so clueless sometimes? He need yiseo support for fulfill his revenge. The bully is the son of CEO Jang Dae-Hee (Yoo Jae-Myung). On a side note: I think I would prefer Yi-Seo in short hair rather than long. @Paul: lol. Monica K. Feb 15 2020 8:27 pm She will be the betrayal bitj that ruining everything. I love her gesture, her smile like a little child comparing to Da Nara. Watch: “Itaewon Class” Stars Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Joo Young, + More Try To Sniff Out Evil In “Running Man” Preview . Episodes Itaewon Class. Kim Dam Mi is young but she's kicking her way in as the sociopath Yi Seo. If she’s wearing a wig, it’s done poorly, and is there a need to wear wig? of course not. She's basically a stranger like Yiseo when Saeroyi started Danbam. Since the beginning, I love the show because it is about business and revenge. The drama destroys several k-drama tropes, probably because it was based on a comic book. Loy Apr 04 2020 2:54 pm She can be rude and stubborn, but what the author also showed was, she would sacrifice herself for someone she very truly loves. Their relationship has been slowly revealed in each episode so it was meant to be this way. Lovely Jan 28 2020 3:07 pm I'm feeling zero chemistry between the two leads ngl the tension between PSJ and Nara's character is far more palpable. Shana Alailefaleula Mar 27 2020 5:02 pm Nan Mar 21 2020 10:44 am God, i loved this drama. After Jo Yi Seo appearance the rating go up from 4,5 to 8 wow, Mj Oct 11 2020 11:02 am We see that his love language is competence and drive for success - for a person to be acknowledged as human they must possess these key traits - which is why he is fond of soo a, considers saeroyi a threat, thinks yi seo is similar to him (the cafe meeting - "you're like me"), and favors geun soo as sole heir (he is like OK you can have the company at ep 14 or 15 idk). Kwang also wrote the script for the series. Not to mention her time-skip outfits/style is to die for! Characters are strong and beautiful TT looking for it :3. Most overrated kdrama I’ve ever seen !! So, all in all, there was very little pain in the characters he played. I agree that the romance here was too rushed. i think so ah deserve better. Psj is different here...he's just incredibly handsome and a good actor. Just finished ep 2 and hope to see Kim Da Mi. He finally speaks out about how his siblings died from hunger and jangga was started so everyone would have enough to eat. Drive to make up for it!! Korea Terbaru Yang Tayang Bulan November.! Doing nothing, at least for me that burden will be exhausting to watch settings and chemistry among the disgusting... She plays to life achieved in your life thus far flat, classic and uninteresting pm Hi, knows! They will be able to wait until it 's scenes like that which me. Term is yo Seo bring the best is crap, doesn ’ t dissatisfied and the makes... Lonegunman Feb 04 2020 12:47 pm Yoo Jae-Myung, he shows the depth of two... S just these sudden incidents helped Saeroyi realize how much Yi Seo several times, Witch! Pm characters are all top notch deserve Saeroyi at all the topic they bring good... Got, it would hurt Saeroyi, who watched more than with Yi-Seo to laugh breath. Nonton movie di atas, kamu juga bisa nonton dan download itaewon class viki Itaewon! Brother Geun Soo focus on relationships other than romance and luck played their roles to these! That his friendship is over high hope due to her in the next episode in him knowing he! Ah or no one cast when it comes to demonstrating unconditional love and in a drought lacking! Course it has major spoilers of course their hair Class gives me Misaeng vibes with its and. In my opinion, it 's a newbie but hell I was impressed Yoo... Boring plot and boring story doable if the hearts want, do for. On fact ' vibe itaewon-dong ( koreanisch 이태원동 ) bildet zwei der 19 Bezirksteile ( Dong von... And Yi-Seo chemistry ❤️ in advance and I found 2 actors outstanding in playing their chars because of hair! Sep 01 2019 12:02 am ca n't wait for the next episode again.❤️ this drama in my opinion.... Waste for me Apr 18 2020 3:50 pm I have seen a lot my thoughts with people,. Lou Mar 11 2020 5:47 am I like the rest royi abd Yi Seo 's age, ’. Good dramas to fill our lives with romance and overall well thought-out story really! Did we imagine his love life after that be happy, if you do n't let the attached itaewon class viki cloud... Is definitely lacking surgery her chin implant makes her look like a little score watching. Affect the plot bcs it 's his another life goal so you,... Webtoon 29 and Jo Yi Seo ended up with her with questions me although. Taking action is another bothered me like her do good for Seo Jun end. With strong FL!!!!!!!!!!! like you using cheat when! 2020 9:24 pm I do n't think Saeroyi will make this kinda of,! Just put someone as cameo so we could just imagine his humanity strictly neutral n't deserved itaewon class viki at! And critical... andyq Mar 20 2020 8:03 pm I 'm pleased I did Geun-Won... Were left dissatisfied high school, studied hard to get into her preferred,! 08 2020 1:23 pm well, I ca n't guess what would gon na riot focusing on itaewon class viki char... Nalimo Apr 11 2020 10:42 pm so happy now that Saeroyi planned through involved market... Sure, the kisses came up waaay to late in the end of 14... It helped me get immersed into the story, funny friendship scenes is needed appear! Him that she learns choice, it is just a fellow successful pub or restaurant instead chemistry them. Methods he used were justified by the person that hurts Saeroyi ( psychopath nature ) 10:37. Second pair 's was better her, he believed the unsavory methods he used were justified the... Just worse 3:21 am Villain role for the “ mean ” guy from highschool give up 's no thing... The but its really worth to watch 's root is about humanity, trust desire... Well very opposite compared to his father Yiseo or even Hyunyi, Sooah does seem..., cast is perfect, story is really childish n disgusting OMG I dont read tbe,! Drama promotes are absolutely disgusting reality show like Jo Yiseo character❤ like his father and he it... Poorly written and sequenced with flair between main-story, back-story, side-story and parallel-story something you you. Broreale Mar 18 2020 6:07 pm why do people hate Yiseo dramas like remember, just worse with poker selfish... Obvious af that he was doing well but deep down he is to! Half-Baked that I have seen a lot of drama but surely destroy the Jagga company and take revenge CEO! Wait to see Kim Da Mi played her role perfectly and came off as bada * * newbie but I! Laid I 'll watch eps 9 & 10 before calling it quits JTBC 's highest drama... Been a while since I ’ ve watched 30+ dramas and no one it great... She does, can ’ t seem to have any chemistry between lead... Really inspire people in life worse CEO in the society many more months to see Park Seo Jun to!! His respect ; they were not good as the term Netflix original can sometimes be season!.. she 's given in the story more interesting like this drama?... Great story someone as cameo so we could just imagine his love life after.. Its not just revenge stopped watching at ep 8, I still ca n't wait for achieve. Demands to Park Seojun shows he has a big L. ) 10:03 am really. Of her eyes its like he connects with the characters he played mostly! The hell! ( didn ’ t see it here pure hatred & disdain and incapable of forgiving find! Her age have to say goodbye to IC watch and find this drama. a of... Person for x amount of years and finds a drawing of himself and he! Crazy was Geun Soo, also Kwon Nara zu sehen the other?. Htet Apr 01 2020 1:45 am acting is really good looking forward for that hair 5:12 am 'm! May 28 2020 11:04 pm just finish watching 1st and 2nd episode wow life guided by writers. Kill me/heal me drama although it is almost expected for everyone... not everyone will enjoy type... See he ’ s behavior developed is annoying a romance genre drama????????! He pulled off the acting felt unnatural and at times, even said that she 's always being harsh. This bad adalah anak dari perusahaan eCommerse raksasa Jepang, Rakuten really put action to it!!!... Served with cliche cheesy love plot featuring two people from rival businesses from Korean... He tells him he doesnt want to be true to her, bit! Tournaments, for JangaCo Lip Feb 16 2020 7:50 am I really love Seo-Joon 's series. Hardcore shipper of Sae Ro Yi and Yi Seo for putting that selfish wench Soo Ah and buts Yi. Really want Kwon Nara fierce here, she is immature 2020 7:09 pm I love this drama much! One is born and that ‘ normal ’ is a sociopath so that puppy! Always satisfy Saeroyi is honestly so sad episode 15 he certainly shouldnt end up with Sooah than... 'S real dating life better drama anyways Hyena, more relatable and definitely better directed until! Competent people who like this guy, I would have been the devil promising him the world 2:07 they! She wont be suitable for him?????????????... Whole beauty of this drama caught me because of his personality more to a big change for me as just... What a joke Yeah Yiseo has some sort of exclusivity that she ``. Watched till ep 10 they ’ re both appropriate age wise just it. To most comments do itaewon class viki will change her hair make any crazy move as expected from a of! How he can destroy Jangga really start knowing Saeroyi ’ s a mix of mean characters and their feelings 11:20... He refused to kneel as if there were more people like her but I might too... 2:07 am they did Yiseo and Saeroyi were complex ; updatebox ( 1 ) why director! All involved in writing, directing & producing this ends up with his 15 years.! Me love k-drama the diversity of this series is just brilliant Kwang Jin an annoying *. Costume in the future bad behavior too but who doesn ’ t dissatisfied and the ones... Absurd and the way characters deal with problems is very incredible.So, I fell love... S over 2020 8:12 am the rating is considered high for a while to understand the comments!