Stir the resin mixture together SLOWLY with a stir stick for two minutes, and then pour the resin into a clean mixing cup. Innovative crafters have discovered that heavily pigmented makeup can do the same thing with a fraction of the mess. Description They are made of glitter and resin in the brass frames. Here is a larger container of clear glitter to use on any color geode you are working on. The color glitter is extra dreamy and romantic, perfect for fairy and mermaid making, etc. Mix these together for 2 minutes to form your resin mixture. This fun resin craft works as a gift topper too. Perfect for painted and glittered tumblers or molds. Still not having any luck with glitter? Glitter flakes – There are a couple of different ways to use these. Plus, this bottle is a great price for what you get. Customer Reviews. These make a great combination. Resin crafting is fun and … Iridescent Glitter For Resin by Nicole Diary, 4. The point is that you should never try to add glitter when you can’t guarantee a constant 70-degree temperature! StarlightshineUS is an Etsy seller who sells many different colored glitter packs, and she has sure developed some gorgeous blends. Applying the Resin. Step 2: Dye the Resin. At this point, you wait another couple of hours as this new layer sets and then return to add more glitter. Or do you want fine, reflective sparkle highlighting your color transitions? Resin Faux Agate Tiered Serving Tray with Glitter Step 1: Mix the EasyCast Resin. This product is great for Resin Art, Countertops, Jewelry, Tumblers, Molds and any surface pour that is 1/4” or less. ... AGA Art Studio FINE GOLD Glitter (GOLD LINES) $10.00. 3. There’s nothing for the glitter to hold onto, so to speak. You will see the glitter we chose to use in this piece and how we mixed it in to get this glitter effect in our geode resin art. Hi Sara, we would suggest adding more glitter to get a better consistency. To do this, you will mix the resin with the hardener, add colorant (or leave it clear), and mix it well. Larger glitter will look more like different edges of a gemstone as it will reflect light in larger portions. It is all a matter of preference. We feel confident in recommending all of … I have a question, with epoxy resin, my glitter falls down and not stay blended with the resin. But overall an ‘unexpected’ success. How do you get your glitter to remain suspended in resin? Again, you can either leave the glitter alone to sink at its own rate, or you can stir the resin a bit. DIY Lucky Glitter Resin Keychain with EasyCast Resin Hi Resin Crafters, it’s Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing a lucky keychain DIY. Save 5% with coupon. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about resin glitter? You might prefer to have the glitter blended into the resin to add a certain depth look. Each egg takes about 35 ml of resin so you’ll need about 17.5 ml of part a and 17.5 ml of part b. We’re dying to know your tips! They have so many kinds of color shifting glitter to choose from. If geode resin art is something you are new to or you are interested in learning more about resin safety, be sure to learn about the safety precautions you should know about by reading What You Need To Know About Working With Epoxy Resin Safely. You can use their glitter for resin pours, tumblers, river tables and more. You can add glitter after pouring the resin so it sits on top, like in a defined line, or add it into the resin mix. I entered this proj… Before using resin watch this video and then read more about the proper respirator to use when working with resin. I love power words and handmade gifts! Her store has rave reviews and is a top seller. So when it comes to a large chunky glitter this is a perfect brand to use. Click to see full answer Regarding this, how much glitter do I add to resin? If you love to experiment with color combinations, this is the set to try.